Personal Coaching

An executive position carries with it a unique set of challenges, from constant change to workplace stress to burnout of oneself and colleagues. Executives often feel the ongoing pressure of the success of the organization (or even the entire industry) resting on their shoulders. This chronic stress can trigger mental and physical health issues, disrupting important relationships. Executive coaching should be tailored to address the impact of work related tensions and can generate solutions to daily issues, develop wellness strategies to counterbalance chronic stress, and leverage personal strengths to build resilience.

Work/Life Integration

So what is the buzz on “balance” and “mindfulness” – especially when it comes to merging professional and personal lives? Mindfulness – in its many forms – shifts one’s perspective, increases alertness and focus, and enhances one’s overall sense of well-being. While it sounds appealing, it can feel elusive and challenging for people to integrate mindfulness into their “regular” life. While learning to adapt daily habits and mindset is a practice, our coaching process guides you in the integration of mindfulness strategies that lead to more harmony and resilience in work, life, and relationships. Pragmatic, meaningful wellness methods and activities are incorporate to live the life you want, not the one that has happened to you.

Transition Coaching and Second (or Third) Acts

Have you reached a crossroads in your career, family or life? A crossroads doesn’t have to mean a crisis. Endings are opportunities for beginnings.

A career crossroads could mean a major redirection or a slight change of plans. It could be a personal decision or the result of a corporate reorganization. A career change is more than a new bullet on the resume. It requires guided exercises of self-assessment, mindful consideration of options, and an honest analysis of potential gains and consequences. A coach in this context acts as a guide, helping to assess each opportunity as it drives professional growth, contributes to personal goals, and enhances one’s sense of purpose and ease.

We pivot continually on our journey, for many reasons. As we end chapters, and start new ones, we have a chance to reflect, to renew, to reimagine what we want to happen next in our story. This step should be thoughtful and purposeful, with a plan that sets you up for success. A coach serves as a partner, providing insights about your motivations and values, pushing you out of habitual mindsets and behaviors, and crafting the action plan with you to determine your future – with mental, physical, and fiscal fitness in the crosshairs.

Executive Couples

When high-powered couples are in a relationship, are they a power couple or a powder keg? The stress of managing work/life integration, amplified by high levels of accountability and responsibility in careers, can tax and potentially unravel even the strongest of relationships. However, with awareness and a deliberate plan, it is possible to face these demands head on while experiencing a mutually satisfying and supportive relationship. Executive coaching in joint sessions for couples, with a focus on skills like daily communication and shared decision and time management, is a wellness strategy to keep couples on track in the office and at home.

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