Organizational Consulting

Leadership Development

Executives must lead in a way that inspires, motivates, and propels others forward – requiring strategic vision, behavioral insights, and personal reflection. We understand the art and science of behavior change, to create powerful leadership shifts and to drive meaning in your culture.

Executive Coaching

Executive presence, stellar judgment and clear decision making are critical qualities that build upon instinctive talent. These qualities can be learned—and honed– over time. Our process is guided by best practices in leadership, and the principles of neuroplasticity and learning theory. We can retrain the brain to improve leadership performance, to gain clarity and focus, and to enhance career satisfaction. Examples include:

Unleashing Your Peak Performance
Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
Cultivating Executive Impact
Transitions: Onboarding to a New Culture Or New Role

Executive Assessment

Are you confident in your leadership pipeline? There is no crystal ball for talent management. Yet, a rigorous, objective assessment (a “leadership profile”) increases your hit rate and ROI for hiring the right person, for the right role, at the right time. Our comprehensive assessments dive deeper into understanding a person’s behavior, motivations, and guiding values – the psychological aspects of performance. The result? Enhanced clarity and insights about a leader’s strengths, shortcomings, and potential for pivotal leadership roles.

Emerging Talent

An executive team is only as strong as its succession plan. How do you assess and build your pipeline of the future? Organizations need to guide, grow, and gain (or retain) their talent pool earlier. Learning agility, management style, and resilience are immeasurable considerations critical to developing capable leaders. Our process helps to uncover your hidden talent, to align it with future strategy, to cultivate the characteristics desired in the leaders of tomorrow.

Development of Executive Women

Does your organizational culture create an environment that is proactive in cultivating strong women leaders prepared for the most senior roles? Are you strategic in building a culture that is inclusive of many styles?

These questions can be addressed at both corporate and individual levels. Our process will help you determine how you measure up, and to make a cultural shift toward a more inclusive work environment.

At the same time, individual coaching and development support can empower executive women in areas that could unwittingly stifle their progression: negotiating career paths and compensation, issues of self doubt, and a desire to remain authentic.

Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Employee health and organizational health go hand in hand. Personal health is not the responsibility of the individual, but also of the organization as a whole. Both physical and mental well-being are key workplace success factors that contribute to greater retention, increased job satisfaction, and stronger financial results . A healthy work environment should envelope programs such as Civility as a Strategy and Stress Management to ensure the workplace a positive—and more productive—environment. We’ll help you understand your unique workplace challenges create and implement thoughtfully designed interventions that are meaningful and stick.

Organizational Culture

Customer needs. Marketplace demands. The bottom line. Are these masters driving your organization’s success? How is your company’s true currency—your employees—reflecting corporate culture and responding to changes in the workplace? Is your company successful because of your organizational health or in spite of it? A commitment to understanding the impact of seemingly intangible effects of corporate culture and health can pay big dividends. Such valuable insights can result in high-performing, more agile organization. Simply said, leadership aligned with corporate strategy inspires employee motivation and organizational growth. Our partnership makes sure your company is working for you–and your employees.

Culture Change

How do you change the people without changing the people? Corporate culture evolves over time. Transforming a culture requires shifts changes in process or procedure—from the top down and the bottom up. We create customized approaches to manage a cultural shift in your corporation at your pace—before an earth-shattering event, like a sudden management change or a dramatic drop in stock price forces an immediate remedy.

Work/Life Integration

Employees often feel as if they occupy separate work and real-life personas, creating a mental drag to keep pace in both worlds. Yet, the boundaries between our personal and professional lives are blurring. And while it is harder to unplug, the two worlds can exist in harmony with a conscious focus on living with meaning and authenticity. A workplace that facilitates this integration produces employees who are aligned in terms of goals, values and vision – at work and in life. An environment that fosters collaboration, belonging and meaning, as well as reciprocity and trust, arms employees and their leaders with the tools they need for success.

Corporate Workshops

Success happens at all levels, not just for the executives. We offer a series of workplace workshops to raise everyone’s game, to create a shared mindset, and to enhance a sense of meaning for your employees. Our focus: sharing current thought leadership in business psychology, performance research, neuroscience, and mindfulness methods to your organization’s goals and employee development – so all levels are ready to tackle the change and challenge of a 24/7 digital marketplace.

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