Financial Psychology

In graduate school, I fell in love with the emerging area (circa 2000) of Behavioral Finance – the intersection of Psychology and Economics. I found research in neuroeconomics so fascinating that I focused my doctoral dissertation on it, from bias in financial decision-making and the stock market, to the role of money in marriages. As 20th century American economist Benjamin Graham wrote, “the investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself”.

Currently, I leverage my knowledge in this area in several ways:

  • Consulting to financial institutions and investment advisors about their approaches to wealth planning to better counsel and connect with clients
  • Counsel couples and families concerned with issues related to the impact of wealth on their relationships, their children, and their value system
  • Provide coaching to individuals/couples who seek greater harmony between their values, life dreams, and financial behaviors. Together, we discover the psychological underpinnings and money scripts that fuel their attitudes and habitual financial behaviors.
  • Provide educational presentations, on topics such as the impact of affluence and high achievement on children/teens
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